For the first time in human history, the majority of the world’s population now lives in cities. As a consequence, the problems and possibilities of cities and urban life will be dominate themes in the 21st Century. No matter what your interests are—in politics, in business, in the arts and culture, in economics, in the law, in education, in social problems and issues, in the environment, in criminal justice, in real estate, or in planning—the context will inevitably be urban. A major in urban studies will provide you with an understanding of cities, the processes of urbanization, and urban life and society that will serve you well no matter what your career or educational goals.

The interdisciplinary urban studies major develops skills that will prove useful in many careers or graduate school programs: written and verbal communication skills, critical thinking skills, research skills, GIS expertise, problem-solving strategies, planning strategies, and the ability to work effectively in diverse groups. Additionally, internship and research opportunities enable urban studies majors to acquire practical experience that are directly transferable to many career paths and graduate education programs.

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You might be an Urban Studies major if you:

  • Enjoy big-picture issues
  • Are fascinated by cities
  • Want to learn more about urban planning, urban geography, urban policy, and local governance
  • Value community-based participation
  • Are analytical

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