Education of the Whole Person

Our academic programs include world-renowned and nationally ranked programs in areas as diverse as entrepreneurship, finance, film, theatre and engineering, offering students unparalleled opportunities as they prepare for life and leadership in the 21st century.

We approach academics with the heart and mind of a lion, emphasizing thoughtful and active participation in and out of the classroom. Our commitment to challenging our students means that professors strive to ignite their full potential through thoughtful engagement and one-on-one guidance. In fact, our student–to–teacher ratio is 10:1 and our average class size is 20.

An LMU education is designed to challenge you. Here, you will be expected to question assumptions, stretch your intellectual boundaries and apply your knowledge in real life. Our Core Curriculum leads the way. This interdisciplinary set of courses goes beyond subject knowledge and compels you to question, analyze effectively and communicate persuasively. Through the Core, you will develop valuable skills that allow you to make informed decisions and develop as an individual.

LMU Lion statue
Explore LMU’s core curriculum

It takes effort and commitment to succeed at LMU, and we will make sure to provide you with all the tools needed to achieve your goals. Our academic programs emphasize direct experience, and you will have many opportunities to apply the knowledge you gain.

LMU Campus

Not only do academic wonders abound at LMU, so do state-of-the-art facilities and comfortable residence halls — including a nationally ranked library, new state-of-the-art Life Sciences Building, excellent performance spaces, dining spots that serve up delicious international cuisine and a top-notch recreation and athletics center.

A Vibrant Community in a
World-Class City: Los Angeles

Our community is a microcosm of the world — a place where students of different talents, nationalities, ethnicities, religious beliefs and socioeconomic backgrounds live, study and work together every day.

LMU students enjoy easy access to Los Angeles, one of the world’s premier cities, and a center of culture and innovation. From solving complex urban problems to producing entertainment that captivates, L.A. offers countless opportunities for living and learning.

First Year Experience

LMU’s First Year Experience is designed to help make your transition to college life smooth. You can take advantage of mentors, retreats, service opportunities and other activities for first-year students.

With a lively arts culture, incredible recreation facilities and over 150 clubs and organizations to cultivate new interests, LMU makes getting involved easy.

First year students standing together