You’re a good writer, you’ve got imagination to burn, you dream big and you’ve got the drive to make those dreams come true. LMU School of Film and Television is uniquely positioned to turn your raw talent into a career in professional screenwriting. Our undergraduate screenwriting program will give you a rigorous education in writing for both film and television. At the end of four years, you’ll have crafted, at minimum, a short screenplay, a television script and two feature screenplays.

Coursework will help you hone your storytelling skills in a liberal-arts context under the guidance of professional screenwriters. Our classes are small, with only 10-12 students in each, so they provide a constructive, workshop environment; you’ll be able to form especially close professional relationships with professors and peers as you collaborate to cultivate your creative identity.

As a screenwriting student, you will learn how to pitch stories to producers, studios, cable outlets and networks; develop your unique voice and write diverse screenplays and teleplays that explore social justice issues through the lives of vivid characters; and amass a strong portfolio of creative work in the proper form that’s both artistic and commercial so you can attract representation to gain employment in the entertainment industry.

Through our lectures and workshops, you’ll have access to the entertainment industry and high-profile insiders who’ve included such luminaries as Oscar-winning writer-directors Alexander Payne (The Descendants, Sideways) and John Lasseter (Toy Story, Cars). Supportive writer alumni also will enter your orbit.

These experiences and connections will enable you to understand how the industry works. Your classroom participation will make you technically proficient. And your portfolio will show how much you have to offer. But the real impact of SFTV on your future is learning how to harness your imagination to create compelling, authentically original work. Then it’s YOUR turn to make an impact.

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You might be a Screenwriting major if you:

  • Are a great storyteller
  • Have a passion for cinema and television
  • Are a talented writer
  • Seek to educate people
  • Seek to entertain people

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