LMU’s Recording Arts major gives equal emphasis to film and television sound, as well as to music engineering and production. Students explore the theoretical and practical elements of sound recording, sound reproduction, and sound design – the fundamentals crucial to successful work in all media that tap into the creative power of sound.

The Recording Arts major teaches students to grasp the transformative power of challenging and meaningful art, and the collaborative and rigorous nature of working in sound for music, film, and television. Students come to understand the potential of sound design to enrich visual storytelling and the cultural impact and significance of sound design.

Students put their knowledge and creativity to work at the School of Film and Television’s sound stages, studios, and audio workstations. Students gain experience with film and television sound production, and produce advanced multi-track music recordings. The music portion of the Recording Arts program emphasizes the working relationship between the engineer/producer and the music artist.

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You might be a Recording Arts major if you:

  • Seek a career in film sound
  • Seek a career as a music producer or engineer
  • Are a sonic storyteller
  • Enjoy the collaborative process
  • Like music theory and history
  • Have good computer skills
  • Are creative and disciplined

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