The LMU political science major provides academic challenge, real world knowledge, and a host of exciting opportunities. Our courses enable students to understand how decisions are made, how they can influence those decisions, and how values and beliefs affect the choices we make. Political Science offers tools to solve problems that affect people locally, nationally, and globally.

The Political Science major challenges students to think in new ways about a variety of issues, and provides students the chance to learn with professors who are committed to providing dynamic and passionate learning environments. Students discuss the headlines of the day with peers and professors, learn through simulation what it is like to perform the jobs of the president or a member of Congress, study and work in London and Washington, D.C., learn how to craft policy, and write a proposal to develop a nonprofit organization. Students also work to understand international governments and the effect government and non-government organizations have on the world stage.

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You might be a Political Science major if you:

  • Enjoy examining political debates
  • Can find innovative solutions and think “out of the box”
  • Like American history and learning about the legal system
  • Want to know more about other countries and international relations
  • Are interested in examining moral and ethical issues
  • Enjoy conducting research and would like to hone your analytical and writing skills

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