LMU’s Philosophy major is a reflective and critical course of study that guides students in the exploration of fundamental ideas that underlie and penetrate human existence and constitute the deep background of all human endeavors. The major explores ideas such as meaning, truth, knowledge, being, good, justice, and beauty.

The major invites students to ask and to pursue, in the company of past and present philosophers, the most fundamental questions: Does God exist? What is so special about being human? What is happiness, and how is it achieved? What is a good life? What is the relation of mind to matter? Is all of reality knowable? Are there objective moral truths? What is a just political system?

The Philosophy major is both challenging and enlightening. It initiates students in the pursuit of wisdom and encourages development of a vision of the world and of an understanding of our place in it. Toward these ends, students acquire the habit of asking fundamental questions and develop the analytical and synthesizing skills required to solve complex problems and to make critical judgments.

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You might be a Philosophy major if you:

  • Wonder about the meaning and purpose of life
  • Have an interest in the big picture
  • Are intrigued by the complexity of the world
  • Have a feeling for the power of ideas
  • Tend to ask the deeper questions about life

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