Today’s marketing world is complex, dynamic and ever-changing. In response to today’s fast-changing and complex marketing landscape and born from our location in the heart of the world’s fastest growing creative and tech community (what many call “Silicon Beach”), CBA’s innovative Marketing curriculum provides our students four unique content-specific and career-focused curriculum “Pathways” offering flexibility, rigor, and depth. These four Pathways include:

  1. Applied Learning in Societal Transformation (the ALIST Pathway)
  2. Marketing Analytics (the MA Pathway)
  3. Creating Customer and Company Value (the 3Cs Value Pathway)
  4. The M-School

Our Marketing Pathways curriculum is based on what we call the 4 Cs: Creative Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication. Learning activities include lectures, discussions, workshops, collaborative project-based learning, individual and team presentations, and industry connections – the same kinds of activities students will experience in the real-world workplace. Marketing majors are also encouraged to participate in internship programs and put their skills to work for campus activities and organizations in order to gain practical experience and perspective. On the international level, numerous innovative study abroad opportunities are available to our Marketing students.

The Pathways curriculum enables students to focus on specific course pathways and content aligned with current industry needs and related to four central themes within the marketing discipline: strategy, positioning, creativity, and analytics.

By taking courses within a respective Pathway, Marketing students focus on a specific, career-focused field of study combined with the increased flexibility to explore a number of relevant upper-class elective courses. Coursework is offered in areas such as consumer behavior and the societal and cultural factors that influence what and how we buy (the ALIST Pathway); market research tools and analytics, including how to harness, interpret and apply online and social media data and measure performance and ROI (the MA Pathway); how companies create value through product and brand development and management as well as pricing and sales strategies (the 3Cs Value Pathway); and an immersive program in and advertising, new media, brand strategy and positioning, cross-platform content creation (the M-School Pathway).

CBA Marketing majors develop a deep understanding of the role of marketing in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Marketing students will learn to understand the interplay among the elements of the marketing mix, including product, price, place, and promotion and how these elements can be integrated to achieve organizational objectives.

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You might be a Marketing major if you:

  • Like to create stuff
  • Are organized and strategic
  • Seek a career in a dynamic field that is always changing
  • Are interested in people
  • Love to collaborate with others
  • Are an excellent communicator
  • Like to apply data and numbers to analyzing business issues and uncovering market opportunities
  • Think of yourself as a critical thinker

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