LMU’s Management major teaches students to successfully plan, organize and lead an organization. The curriculum focuses on the practical skills, ethical issues and management theory necessary to succeed in the diverse global economy. Management majors come to understand the critical role that management plays in an organization. Students learn the principal methods, models and concepts of management, and how to apply them to real-life settings. Coursework incorporates theory, strategy, and real-world case studies in areas such as management policy, compensation and rewards, training and development, human resources, employee and labor relations, and international management.

Management majors will demonstrate acceptable understanding and skills in:

  1. Interpersonal/team effectiveness
  2. Communications
  3. Key processes of planning/goal-setting, decision making, problem solving
  4. Critical HR functional areas
  5. Career Management

Upon completion of requirements for this major, students should understand and be able to:

  • Explain and evaluate the critical role and functions of management in organizations and apply principal concepts and models in the field of management within an organization
  • Describe and explain how the human resource function in an organization contributes to overall productivity through its component activities
  • Apply concepts of career planning and management both generally and to their own career

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You might be a Management major if you:

  • Seek a career in business
  • Like to be in charge
  • Enjoy responsibility and making decisions
  • Appreciate a well-run operation
  • Like to be involved with every aspect of a project

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