LMU offers a unique “blended program” in which you can earn your BA in Liberal Studies while simultaneously earning a California Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential in four years. You graduate among the most employable of students and enter a profession where you positively impact many lives and make a critically important contribution to society. You will also be well positioned to help to meet the teacher shortage that exists and is expected to grow in coming years across the state of California. Throughout your program you will have many opportunities to engage with elementary grades students in schools and in the wider community, through for example, school-based art, field-based science, and community-based tutoring experiences. You will also have opportunities to engage in research and will be closely mentored by faculty members and advisors throughout your years at LMU as a Liberal Studies major.

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You might be a Liberal Studies major if you:

  • Want to pursue a career in elementary education
  • Are passionate about helping children learn
  • Want to play a vital role in shaping society
  • Have diverse intellectual interests

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