Many environmental questions, and almost all of the environmental crises with which we are confronted, are inherently interdisciplinary. While students interested in environmental issues may well go on to pursue focused studies as scientists, economists, historians, or other specialists, a responsible background in environmentalism requires basic fluency with a wide diversity of approaches. With that in mind, students in the program examine the natural environment from the perspectives of the humanities, social sciences, and environmental sciences, and apply these perspectives in an innovative capstone seminar. Environmental Studies gives students a broad foundation in the environment, preparing them to approach pressing environmental questions and complex environmental issues from multiple angles.

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You might be an Environmental Studies major if you:

  • Are fascinated by the ways in which humans and environment shape one another
  • Value understanding the environment from scientific, policy, ethical, historical, and social perspectives
  • Want to learn more about pressing issues such as global warming and climate change action
  • Are committed to justice for the environment, animals, and humans
  • Have interest in careers such as environmental planning, law, and advocacy

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