LMU’s Environmental Science major helps students understand how society’s intense use of resources and waste management practices have resulted in a variety of environmental concerns on the local and global scales. Only through sound, multidisciplinary science can we understand the causes and ramifications of environmental disturbances, and then determine ways to eliminate or reduce them.

The Environmental Science major provides students with a rigorous understanding of the basic sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, as well as the practical knowledge and skills associated with environmental research, monitoring, and effective communication of technical data. Internship programs in which students work with environmental professionals are a key component of the major.

The major prepares students to attend graduate programs and work as environmental scientists in the private sector and with government agencies and public interest groups.

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You might be an Environmental Science major if you:

  • Are passionate about the environment
  • Plan to be a scientist
  • Enjoy doing fieldwork
  • Are disciplined and analytical
  • Have diverse interests

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