LMU’s Entrepreneurship major teaches students how to plan, organize and manage a small business. Students focus on the practical skills, ethical issues and management theory necessary to succeed in a diverse global economy. Students learn how to evaluate the feasibility of new business ideas and ventures, undertake risk analysis and develop a business plan. They then learn how to take those ideas and ventures from the drawing board to the real world.

LMU has been teaching entrepreneurship with an emphasis on ethics and social responsibility since 1972. In fact, we were one of the first schools in the U.S. to offer an Entrepreneurship program. We are also considered one of the best – having been ranked among the top programs in the nation by such publications as The Princeton Review, EntrepreneurBloomberg BusinessweekU.S. News & World Report, and Inc. magazine.

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You might be an Entrepreneurship major if you:

  • Have a “fire in the belly”
  • Have a passion for new ideas
  • Believe in your own endless capability
  • Enjoy being your own boss
  • Look forward to hard work
  • Dream about changing the world
  • Don’t mind taking on responsibility

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