LMU’s Applied Physics major helps students examine how the world around us works, examining the fundamental laws of matter and motion in everything from subatomic particles to galaxies.

A physicist’s quest for answers extends from everyday phenomena (the trajectories of baseballs and rainbows, and even the behavior of Cheerios in a bowl of milk) to the exotic (dark matter, black holes and subatomic particles). Experimental physicists approach this task by carefully studying the way the world actually works, while theoretical physicists develop mathematical models that explain and predict phenomena.

Majors gain an understanding that physics underlies all other basic sciences, and is the basis for much of technology because it is concerned with the most fundamental aspects of matter and energy and the laws that govern their interactions.

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You might be a Physics major if you:

  • Are both creative and disciplined
  • Are interested in the origins of the universe
  • Like to ask questions about the world around us
  • Seek to know how things work
  • Enjoy stargazing

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