What is structural racism? What is intersectionality? Why is there a Movement for Black Lives?  What future can be imagined for Black America? LMU’s African American Studies (AFAM) Department provides answers to these questions and more!

African American Studies reclaims truth; corrects the national narrative regarding people of African descent; and, shares knowledge beyond the university by way of its curriculum, community engagement, and commitment to student development.

LMU’s AFAM features award-winning faculty members, who rank among the highest achieving and most innovative in the nation. Our goal is to ensure that students have the resources, training, and will to battle ignorance and manifest social justice.

Visit the main African American Studies page.

You might be an African American Studies Major if you:

  • Value diversity in a complex world
  • Want to learn about the African American experience
  • Are curious about Africa and the diaspora
  • Are curious about cultural and ethnic identity issues
  • Enjoy interdisciplinary research

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